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Expressions allow you to reference, transform and combine attributes before you store them on a user profile or before passing them to an application for authentication or provisioning. For example, you might use a custom expression to create a username by stripping @company.com from an email address. Or you might combine and attributes into a single attribute.

This document details the features and syntax of Okta’s Expression Language which can be used throughout the administrator UI and API. This document will be updated over time as new capabilities are added to the language. Okta’s expression language is based on and uses a subset of functionalities offered by SpEL.

Referencing User Attributes

When you create an Okta expression, you can reference any attribute that lives on an Okta user profile or App user profile.

Okta user profile

Every user has an Okta user profile. The Okta user profile is the central source of truth for a user’s core attributes. To reference an Okta user profile attribute, just reference and specify the attribute variable name.

Application user profile

In addition to an Okta user profile, all users have separate Application user profiles for each of their applications. The Application user profiles are used to store application specific information about a user, such as application username or user role. To reference an App user profile attribute, just specify the application variable and the attribute variable in that application’s App user profile. In specifying the application you can either name the specific application you’re referencing or use an implicit reference to an in-context application.

IdP user profile

In addition to an Okta user profile, some users have separate IdP user profiles for their external Identity Provider. These IdP user profiles are used to store identity provider specific information about a user, and this data can be used in an EL expression to transform an external user’s username into the equivalent Okta username. To reference an IdP user profile attribute, specify the identity provider variable and the corresponding attribute variable for that identity providers IdP user profile. This profile is only available when specifying the username transform used to generate an Okta username for the IdP user.

Referencing Application and Organization Properties

In addition to referencing user attributes, you can also reference App properties, and the properties of your Organization. To reference a particular attribute, just specify the appropriate binding and the attribute variable name. Here are some examples:

Application properties

Organization properties


Okta offers a variety of functions to manipulate attributes or properties to generate a desired output. Functions can be combined and nested inside a single expression.

String Functions

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functions perform some of the same tasks as the ones in the above table.

Array Functions

Conversion Functions

Data Conversion Functions

Note: Convert.toInt(double) rounds the passed numeric value either up or down to the nearest integer. Be sure to consider integer type range limitations when converting from a number to an integer with this function.

Country Code Conversion Functions

These functions convert between ISO 3166-1 2-character country codes (Alpha 2), 3-character country codes (Alpha 3), numeric country codes, and full ISO country names.

Note: All these functions take ISO 3166-1 2-character country codes (Alpha 2), 3-character country codes (Alpha 3), and numeric country codes as input. The function determines the input type and returns the output is in the format specified by the function name.

For more information on these codes, see the ISO 3166-1 online lookup tool .

Group Functions

Group functions return either an array of groups or True or False .

For an example using group functions and for more information on using group functions for dynamic and static whitelists, see Create an ID Token or Access Token Containing a Groups Claim .

Linked Object Function

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Use this function to retrieve properties about the user identified with the specified relationship. You can optionally specify an app.

Time Functions

Okta supports the use of the time zone IDs and aliases listed in the Time Zone Codes table .

Manager/Assistant Functions

Directory and Workday Functions

The functions above are often used in tandem to check whether a user has an AD or Workday assignment, and if so return an AD or Workday attribute. See the ‘Popular Expressions’ table below for some examples.

Constants and Operators

Conditional Expressions

You can specify IF…THEN…ELSE statements with the Okta EL. The primary use of these expressions is profile mappings and group rules. Group rules do not usually specificy an ELSE component.

The format for conditional expressions is

There are several rules for specifying the condition.

The following functions are supported in conditions.

Note: Use the double equals sign, , to check for equality.


For these samples, assume that has following attributes in Okta.

Samples Using Profile Mapping

The following samples are valid conditional expressions that apply to profile mapping. The attribute is from another system being mapped to Okta.

If the middle initial is not blank, the full name is the first name, middle initial, a period, and the last name; otherwise it is the first name and the last name.

If there is a courtesy title, use it for the honorific prefix.

If either email2 or email3 exists, make additionalEmail true; otherwise, make it false.

Samples Using Group Rules

The following samples are valid conditional expressions. The actions in these cases are group assignments.

Popular Expressions

Sample user data:

Appendix: Time Zone Codes

Okta supports the use of the following time zone codes:

With Universal Directory, there are about 30 attributes in the base Okta profile and any number of custom attributes can be added. All App user profiles have a username attribute and possibly others depending on the application. To find a full list of Okta user and App user attributes and their variable names, go to People > Profile Editor. If you’re not yet using Universal Directory, contact your Support or Professional Services team.

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). The somatic pain maps were able to accurately predict increases in somatic pain ( t (27) = 10.65, p<0.0001, average accuracy High-Low = 89%, p<0.0001), and the vicarious pain maps were able to strongly predict vicarious pain ( t (27) = 3.37, p<0.005, average accuracy High-Low = 71%, p<0.05), but importantly, somatic pain patterns could not track vicarious pain ( t (27) = −0.13, n.s. , average accuracy High-Low = 57%, n.s. ), and vicarious pain patterns could not track somatic pain ( t (27) = 0.93, n.s. , average accuracy High-Low = 54%, n.s. ). A one-sample t -test on individual voxel weights revealed very similar distributed patterns to that observed in the between-participant VPS, which suggests that the patterns are remarkably stable across participants. We note that accuracy values here reflect prediction of single trial responses, and so are not directly comparable with between-participant accuracy values. In addition, the whole brain spatial patterns predictive of somatic and vicarious pain were spatially uncorrelated (mean r = 0.0055 ± 0.0065 S.E., n.s. )

Appendix 1—figure 5
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() Somatic pain pattern response collapsed across body site (including within-participant standard error of the mean; (27) = 10.65, p<0.0001, average accuracy 89%, p<0.0001;

We also performed ROI-based classification within overlapping regions identified from the GLM analyses, specifically, the bilateral aINS and dACC (smoothed with a half-mm kernel). Both ROIs were able to differentiate between high and low somatic pain (within modality; aINS accuracy High-Low = 89%, p<0.0001, dACC accuracy High-Low = 75%, p<0.01). Vicarious pain however showed marginal classification for high versus low vicarious pain for the aINS (within-modality; average accuracy High-Low = 71%, p<0.05) and near chance classification for the dACC (average accuracy High-Low = 57%, n.s. ). More importantly, neither pattern within the aINS or the dACC demonstrated cross-modality classification of high versus low stimulation (somatic → vicarious average accuracy: aINS = 46%, n.s. , dACC = 54%, n.s. ; vicarious → somatic average accuracy: aINS = 50%, n.s. , dACC = 36%, n.s. ).

Finally, we trained within-participant support vector machines (SVMs) to differentiate between upper and lower limb sites separately for somatic and vicarious pain. The leave-one-participant-out SVM classifier successfully discriminated somatic pain on upper versus lower limb sites(within-participant average accuracy UL-LL = 100%, p<0.0001). SVM classification of vicarious pain also accurately discriminated upper versus lower limb sites (within-participant average accuracy UL-LL = 100%, p<0.0001). Together, these results corroborate the between-participant findings.

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An expression is a sequence of operators and their operands , that specifies a computation.

Expression evaluation may produce a result (e.g., evaluation of 2 + 2 produces the result 4 ) and may generate side-effects (e.g. evaluation of std:: printf ( "%d" , 4 ) prints the character '4' on the standard output).

The operands of any operator may be other expressions or primary expressions (e.g. in 1 + 2 * 3 , the operands of operator+ are the subexpression 2 * 3 and the primary expression 1 ).

Primary expressions are any of the following:

1) Literals (e.g. 2 or "Hello, world" )
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(e.g. n or cout )
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(e.g. Discount Low Shipping classic design blue bowling shoes Cheap Low Price Buy Cheap Big Discount Exclusive X4VDp
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6) Requires-expressions (C++20)

Any expression in parentheses is also classified as a primary expression: this guarantees that the parentheses have higher precedence than any operator. Parentheses preserve value, type, and value category.

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